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Volunteer positions at MCB
Bike Maintenance Volunteers
During the bike rental season (May to October), each maintenance volunteer is responsible for maintaining bikes at one or two rental locations (approximately 10 bikes total). Volunteer duties include visiting rental locations once or twice weekly to ensure bikes are properly maintained and safe for use (i.e., tires are properly inflated, brakes are in working order, basket and seat are in good condition, bike transport, etc.). Volunteers trained in bike maintenance/repair may perform minor adjustments/repairs on site. Bike repair training is provided by MCB members. Bikes requiring more extensive work will be taken out-of-service for repair and replaced with a reserve bike. Typically one to two hours per week would be required.

Board Member Positions
MCB is currently seeking to fill vacant Board Member positions. This is a one-year (minimum) position where participation in operating Mystic Community Bikes takes on a multi-task role. Board meetings are held monthly from February to November (generally in the early evening). Tasks include advertising, community relations with area businesses, fund raising, and brain storming on improving the MCB experience for local residents and visiting tourists. Board members may optionally perform bike repairs and training will be offered to any interested board member wishing to learn these handy skills.

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