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What is Mystic Community Bikes?



Mystic Community Bikes
23 East Main Street, PO Box 63
Mystic, CT 06355

(860) 245-8150

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Michael Linhares, President
Russ Cumming, Vice President
Jim Burke, Secretary
Michael Scanlon, Treasurer

Bob Mohr
Jen Gartsu
Jennifer Lacker
Peter Roper

Honorary Members:
Brian Kent
Eric Thompson
Marsha Thompson
Rick Ely
Tim Evers
Tricia Cunningham
We are a nonprofit, bicycle-sharing program for residents and visitors touring Mystic during the summers on donated, reconditioned bikes available at conveniently located distribution centers on a refundable deposit basis.
Reducing air pollution
Encouraging physical fitness
Enhancing the quality of life
Mystic Community Bike's objectives are to provide and support an environmentally friendly transportation option to visitors and residents that will:
Reduce energy consumption, traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.
Encourage safe and sustainable transportation anda bike-friendly community by integrating bike planning into town-wide operations.
Make it easier and more logical to bike to local destinations by creating and connecting bike lanes and trails.
Encourage physical fitness and enhance the overall quality of life for residents and contribute to a positive Mystic experience for visitors.
  Mission Statement    
    The mission of Mystic Community Bikes is to facilitate bicycling in the Mystic community by providing and maintaining bicycles for public use.    
Email: • Phone: (860) 245-8150
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